Agustina Besada - The Plastic Elephant in the Room

Antoinette Bumekpor - Death by Chocolate Cyst: If My Illness Had a Voice

Arnaud Brohé - How Accounting Can Save The Planet

Kamari Carter - Why Hearing Is Believing

Sharon Cohen - Gliding into Our Power and Creating Space for Others to Soar

Joel Davis - We Need to Fix Our Broken International System

Ellie Dupler - Why Our Conversation About Rural America is Incomplete

Ethan Edwards - What We Can See with Augmented Reality

Magda Giannikou - Live Your Story

Royi Horowitz - The Value of Wearing a Different Paradigm

Cyree Jarelle Johnson - What is Autism Neutrality?

Anuka King - Abhinaya Lahari: Waves of Expression

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff - Change The World Without Quitting Your Job

Saskia Krafft - How to Talk Like a Tree

Dr. Angela M. Mills - Why Our Healthcare System is Failing Us

Matthew Ricketts - Beethoven's Blindness: On Hearing Music, Visually

Claudia Schreier - Thinking On Your Feet

Katarina Stephan - The Third Eye: How to See in the Absence of Light

Erin L. Thompson - What Color is Guantánamo?

Ashley Wright - How Beauty Goes Beyond Color



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